Are you a Practice/CPA firm?

We have the ideal solution for you to increase your operating profits and take the pain away from your day to day non value adding functions. Our team is a set of professionals with Global accounting finance and accounting qualifications such as CPA (AUS), ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK) and CA (Sri Lanka) with work experience in Australia and UK.


Are you concerned about?

Managing seasonal volumes? When you have unexpected peaks in volumes, it’s difficult to have to recruit a resource within a short term. We can help you manage this through our back office services. We can ramp up or down within days of informing us your expectations, thereby giving you the flexibility of managing your volumes quicker than ever before.

Recruitment cost? Most CPA firms we’ve met struggle to recruit team members of high calibre and even use agencies to recruit which is again an additional cost. Well, now you can forget about recruitment costs. We have a robust recruitment policy to quickly recruit team members of high calibre and it will be managed without an additional cost to you.

Continuous Training and retention? Even after recruiting, the team has to be trained continuously to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. With our in-house team of experts, we can train our team to your business requirement so that you do not need to constantly spend time on training. In addition to this, we will discuss with you on the future roadmap of the firm and ensure our team is guided on the same path too. Our migration methodology covers the mapping and documentation of all processes to ensure that the processes are followed at all times.

Having problems with your processes and quality? We can help on this too! Our Project Management and process excellence teams are always there to look into your business processes and provide recommendations to make your business lean and efficient.
Increasing Operational Cost? Our cost effective services range will reduce your operational costs by at least 40% on the direct costs. Not only this, but also through the process improvements that we make on your business, we increase efficiency and capacity within the processes of your CPA or Accounting firm to further reduce costs.


Still uncertain? Here’s more reasons why you should consider us

Information Security? We understand that your Clients’ data are to be handled with extreme sensitivity. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified. This is the latest standard in information security and we are the first company in Sri Lanka to be certified on this standard. Our infrastructure is state of the art with the latest IT security policies and practices. Rest assured your data will be treated with strict confidentiality and secrecy.

Communication? We provide a single point of contact in the form of a dedicated team leader so that all your queries are attended to without delay

Trust and confidence? We were awarded the Bronze and Silver awards for the Best Shared Services Team in Asia by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network in 2015 and 2016 respectively assuring you of the best level of services that your practice will need. We are also part of the Hirdaramani Group, a company with over 120 years of history. We are led by a team of highly skilled professionals with high level of business understanding and acumen.

Talk to us now to know how we can set up your own offshore back office team!