Record to Report

We take care of your R2R (Record to Report) function, so that you have the data you need, right at your finger tips.

What We Do

At H-Connect, we can manage your entire R2R process right from start to end. Once we receive your documents, we’ll handle indexing and storage, right through to transaction processing; but that’s not all – we’ll also provide you with all the necessary reports that are integral to the R2R process.

  • Invoice and document validation
  • Transaction recording to the general ledger
  • Maintenance of schedules for the Balance Sheet
  • Monthly & annual financial statement preparation (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Statement of Cash Flows)
  • Bank reconciliations (manual and electronic)
  • Customised management & financial reports
  • Maintenance of electronic document databases as per your requirements

There’s More

We are happy to cater to your unique needs. Let us know if there’s more we can do for you

What You Gain

  • Fast, accurate & cost effective service that follows industry best practices
  • Better understanding of your overall & financial performance
  • Timely & high quality information for decision making
  • Increased focus on your core business activities
  • Support in meeting your reporting & compliance obligations